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Health Care Reform Articles (a clippings service)
Periodic posts of articles of interest about health care reform in the United States and elsewhere.

​​Important Articles 

​     Mirror, Mirror on the wall

How the US Healthcare system compares with other countries

by The Commonwealth Fund

     Godzilla has risen:

          The insurance industry under the ACA

by Emily Dalton

        Paying Till It Hurts

​Why is US Healthcare So Expensive?

by Elizabeth Rosenthal

        The Physical Exam as Refuge

The Physical Exam has Been Displaced (but not replaced) by Technology

​by Danielle Ofri

     The Social Responsibility of Physicians

Does The Responsibility of a Physician End With Her Patient?

by Bernard Lown

​Bitter Pill

Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us​

by Steven Brill

Beyond Obamacare

Universalism and Health Care in the Twenty-first Century

​by Adam. Gaffney

Why Doctors Are Sick of Their Profession

American physicians are increasingly unhappy with their once-vaunted profession, and that malaise is bad for their patients


When Nonprofit Hospitals Sue Their Poorest Patients

Why Do Some Non-profit Tax-subsidized Hospitals Drive Poor Patients Into Bankruptcy?​

​by Chris Arnold

Physicians for a National Health Program

An educational resource for single payer healthcare...

Maine Allcare

Promoting single payer healthcare in the state of Maine

The Healthcare Movie

How the U.S. and Canada developed such different systems and why....

What Really Matters

The most important thing is to know the truth

Dr. Caper advocates for a publicly run universal healthcare program in Maine and in the United States.

Comprehensive publicly funded healthcare for everyone: Improved Medicare for all.

why single payer?


Would you like a worry free healthcare system?

Wouldn't we all? Finally, you can have the healthcare system you want without the worry of financial stress. How?  By supporting single payer healthcare.  

Reforming healthcare is simple.  Why is it not easy?

We in the US spend almost $3 Trillion a year, almost $9000 per person, on health care. We have built a health care system that encourages entrepreneurship and profit-making. As a result, there are many big players in the healthcare system making tons of money. They include pharmaceutical and insurance companies, and for-profit and even non-profit healthcare systems. 

They are all very nervous about fundamental change to our healthcare system, and they all contribute to political campaigns. 

If you have had to pay increasing premiums, co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance, while at the same time watching your access to providers become more and more limited, you are not alone.

There is a simple answer. Have you had enough and are you ready?

Reading List

A list of books, articles and other media about health care reform well worth reading

Sick Around The World

Can the US learn anything from the rest of the world about how to run a health care system?

The United States is the only industrialized nation that does not provide universal access to healthcare for its residents. Our current system of market-based private insurance for healthcare is not working.  A single payer system allows everyone to contribute to a pool that pays for everyone's medical expenses  on an as - needed basis.